What is a Copy Certification?

Copy Certifications by a Custodian is when a person who holds certain important identification documents in their sole Care, Custody, and Control and are being requested to provide a notarized and certified copy of an original document. This request may be required for Business, Opening a Bank

Account in another country, an Educational Institution, Vital Stat Documents such as a Death Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Legal Transaction, or other.

What documents can be certified and by whom such as a Notary Public, County Clerks Office, or other will be determined based the specific laws for each individual state. If you are not sure, it is always a good idea to contact the Secretary of State or your Local County Clerks office in which you reside.

In California, Vital Stat documents must be certified at your local County Clerks office but not by a Notary Public. A Notary Public can however Certify a copy of originals of such documents as a Green Card, Driver's License, Passport or other such documents that are in your sole, care, custody, and control.

In these cases, it is required that you bring the original copies of the documents that are needing to be Copy Certified and notarized before a Notary Public to carefully inspect and examine each item for authenticity as a true and original copy.

The notary will make a copy from the original and document such activity in their journal. If you have already made a copy of the original documents prior to your appoint, the notary who is to certify that it is a true and accurate copy of the original document, will inspect it and notate it in their journal accordingly.

You will also need to give a Sworn Statement in the form of an Oath or Affirmation, attesting to the truthfulness of the documents and the information you have provided. After that, the notary will then complete the Notary Certificate, sign and stamp it and then have you sign and apply your right thumb print in their journal for record. If you have any questions about documents that are required of you or what areas on a document are

necessary to complete or not complete, it is always recommended that you go back to the original requester, bank, or institution who requested the documents. Lastly, please make sure all signers who are to have their signature witnessed and to take the oath are present at the time of the signing, that you have valid and current identification such as a California Driver's License or ID Card, Passport, or other Government issued ID with your name, signature, picture, date of birth, issue and expiration date, etc. with you.


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