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Notarizing Stipulation Agreements

What is a Stipulation Agreement?

I Stipulation Agreement is a legal agreement between two parties who have come to an agreement to resolve any number of issues. In Family Law a Stipulation Agreement can be drawn up for a couple getting a divorce trying

to come to amicable terms of who is going to watch the kids, what days, what

times, to how are they going to divide financial assets or who going to keep a home, car, pay for medical insurance, etc. When conducting these type of signings, often times there may not be a proper Notary Certificate included

with the documents. Most of the times the certificate is going to be an Acknowledgment.

The notary will have a copy of this document if the attorney does not already have one including in your document set. The Acknowledgment is simply you the signer, Acknowledging to the notary that the

signature you signed on the document is in fact your signature.

The Stipulation Agreement will have a Case Number, the Name of the Petitioner and the Name of the Respondent, the terms of the agreement spelled out between the two parties and usually they will both sign together at the Attorney's office or the attorney will their client go find a notary to get their signatures notarized.

If you have multiple signatures and have a lot of assets including property locally or in another domicile and you have questions, is it always recommended that you contact the Law Firm and attorney who is working directly with your case to confirm what forms are required and what exactly needs to be signed including whether you just need to have your signature witnessed or if you may also need to give a Sworn

Statement before a Notary Public as well in which case, you would also need to have a Jurat (Oath or Affirmation) Certificate completed.

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